1. Construction:

  • Concrete caissons fabricated inshore at the base port.
  • Steel structure can be done by specialized companies and transported to base port.
  • Assembly of the GBS under controlled conditions.
  • Can be done in a large number of ports. Minimum technical restrictions. 

2. Storage:

  • No land storage for the assembled structures.
  • Land storage required for steel tripods and WTG only. Minimization of occupied areas. 

3. Transport:

  • Towed using tugs. No need of long term contracts with expensive heavy lift vessels.
  • It can be done during the whole year. Only requires a valid weather window of limited duration.

4. Installation:

  • Sinking process using controlled water ballasting in the inner cells of the concrete caissons.
  • Inverting the process allows re-floating the GBS to correct any deviation from position or verticality during sinking.
  • No need of sand ballasting. GBS can resist winter storms after installation without risks.