The objective of the tests was to define the optimal configuration regarding the position of the caissons and operating risks as well as, to define the optimal speed of the structure´s transport.

The structure has been tested on towing in one loading condition, with five configurations: it towed from one cylinder, towed from two cylinders, from different position of the towed points.

Tests in regular waves have been performed. These tests can be used to predict the results in an irregular sea state, considering a linear response with the wave amplitude for motions and accelerations. Also, four different irregular sea states have been performed, and motions and accelerations have been recorded and analysed for configuration 5. Tests directly performed in irregular wave can cover the non-linearities of the different phenomena.

The following parameters were also monitored: towing line tension, reactions at the box-caisson embedment, overtopping evaluation of a reference caisson, pressures at a caisson's ring, movements of the whole rigid body and accelerations at the caissons and at the top of the structure.